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Wooden Mantle Clock

Wooden Mantle Clock5 Star Rating
Wooden Mantle Clock
Refreshing At Home Redecorating View A New Wooden Mantle Clock Made By Bamboo Gifts

When purchasing an antique style mantle clock it's essential to take into account kids and pets. They can require a certain model of clock for the home to offer you long-lasting quality. A listing of features are latched wooden door to battery access, wooden mantle clock with handle and roman numeral faced clock. It has a weight of 10 lbs. Check out the selections there is available for selecting a clock for your home. Though it may be good to search in nearby shops for your furniture, remember shopping on the web is able to offer much more selections and far better discount. To learn more about this antique style mantle clock, check out the market add to cart button.

Why should I buy the Wooden Mantle Clock? wooden mantle clock shelf handle carrying

Publisher: bamboo gifts

This truly can be a wooden mantle or shelf clock. It has roman numerals as well as a latched back door to battery access. It takes a AA battery. It is about 9"high and about 7"wide in the base. It looks like western antique style. It capabilities a handle for carrying.

Features List

  • latched wooden door to battery access
  • roman numeral faced clock
  • wooden mantle clock with handle
  • antique western style wooden clock
  • Qty: 1
  • Weight: 10 lbs.
  • Package: 10 lbs.

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