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Retro European Style Mute Desktop&mantle Clock Home Decor [white]

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Retro European Style Mute Desktopmantle
Retro European Style Mute Desktopmantle Clock Home Decor white Image 1

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MPN: BC-HOM3734891-KAY00149
Color: multi

When shopping for a clock for the home it is also important that you think about youngsters. They could call for an unique sort of clock to provide you with long-lasting quality. I feel you will love that the item has got this feature of this table clock is full with elegant style. Other features include material: iron craft, 1pcs per package. and brand new and high quality. BC-HOM3734891-KAY00149 is the model number for this item. The clock comes in multi. The clock has got a weight of 1.54 lbs. Online deals for Retro European Style . I want you to get the best price when you buy an antique style mantle clock!

Ships from Hongkong. This table clock tends to make a great accent piece for your mantle, desk, or shelves! Totally produced for your home! 1pcs per package. Meterial: Iron craft. As you can see in the picture, there is no second hand in this clock. Whole brand new and high top quality! Elegant and distinguished apperance tends to make it popular. Sounds perfectly quiet at night. With the antique color, this clock could be a superb decoration on any table, desk or even mantle. Pactical and beautiful at the identical time.


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