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Visol Products VAC608 Tracker Brushed Nickel Desk Clock

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Products VAC608 Tracker Brushed Nickel

Visol Products

Model: vac608
UPS: 849847014456
Package Quantity: 1

The bar code also known as the "Universal Product Code" for this is 849847014456. It's my opinion you will love that the product has got perfect for a desk, mantle, or counter either at home or the office!. Additional features include gorgeous polished metal finish, premium quality stainless steel and accurate time keeping. It's dimensions are 1.96"H x 2.94"L x 1.32"W. It weighs approximately 0.5 lbs.

The beautiful nickel colored finish on this metal clock looks incredible. The Tracker is created to look extremely contemporary and fit in perfectly in any setting.. The smooth feel of this clock is sure to impress anyone so get one appropriate now from Visol!


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