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Old Time Antique Clock

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Old Time Antique Clock

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Help to make virtually any living space seem extraordinary with a Old Time Antique Clock brought to you by Unique Home Decor. Check out each of the options you have available for getting an antique style mantle clock. While it's good to search in local stores for your pieces of furniture, keep in mind online shopping is able to offer a great deal more possibilities and much better prices. You can find fantastic online home furniture suppliers that make it easy to find the antique style mantle clock you desire. Choosing a Old Time Antique Clock .

Features:Rectangular clock faceIntricately detailed with a distressed finishFlaunts an antenna-TV designLavished with neat, sleek linesLend a vivacious touch to staid and straightforward console tables, mantle spaces, or study tables with the Wood Metal Clock 18"" H, 14"" W. Lavished with neat, sleek lines, this wood clock flaunts an antenna-TV design, and is detailed with metal accents. It comes with following dimensions14"W x 2. Crafted from high grade material, this clock is sure to give you a long lasting performance and hassle-free for years to come. 5"D x 18"H Intricately detailed with a distressed finish, this wood metal clock adds a distinct appear to simple room spaces. Attractively designed, this unique clock is crafted from high grade wood. The screen of this antenna-TV decor piece is replaced by the rectangular clock face. This innovatively designed clock combines durability with lasting functionality. With a distressed finish on the clock and the dial, this attractively styled decor piece is sure to garner attention.


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