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Large 2 Oz. Bottle Liquid Bearings With Extra-long 3 Needle Tip, The Superior 100%-SYNTHETIC Oil For Cuckoo Clocks Or Any Clocks, Frees Sticky Or Rusty Mechanisms, Never Becomes Gummy, The Best For Clocks Of All Types !

Large 2 Oz. Bottle With Extra-long 34 Star Rating
Large 2 Oz Bottle With Extralong 3
Large 2 Oz. Bottle From Liquid Bearings

The Large 2 Oz. Bottle , a great clock from Liquid Bearings makes a great antique style mantle clock. For a start, fully understand exactly what your own personalized fashion is. There are lots of types of antique style mantle clock available, which includes eclectic models, western and much more. Have in mind the shades which you like, the finishes and this will probably certainly make it easier to purchase the antique style mantle clock that fits your personal style. I in fact liked that the clock had the feature of no petroleum-based odor, never gets sticky or gummy. While it's great to search in local outlets for your home furniture, don't forget shopping on-line provides considerably more selections and better prices. There are plenty of great online furniture sites that allow it to be easy to find the clock you wish.

Do they still make the Large 2 Oz. Bottle With Extra-long 3? bottle liquid bearings extra-long needle superior

Publisher:Liquid Bearings

These are 2 oz bottles of Liquid Bearings with longer 3"needle tip. Liquid Bearings is also excellent for fishing reels, guns of all types, knives, electronic and audio equipment, model trains, slot cars, R/C equipment, watches, music boxes, locks and padlocks, bicycles, skateboards, roller skates, sewing machines, typewriters, and anything else you previously used petroleum-based oils or lubricant sprays on. It is basically superior for all lubricating and corrosion-prevention uses on all clocks, and it really is virtually-odor-free, generating it a pleasure to use. You will very easily notice that anything you lubricate with it will immediately move easier with Liquid Bearings, especially in the occasion you happen to be employing petroleum-based oil on them for years. We always provide a money-back guarantee! It is completely plastic-safe for all plastics, and will not harm any painted surfaces. Because of their nature, petro-oils and lubricant sprays leave sticky deposits when they evaporate more than time. We also provide BOTH the regular ½"needle AND the longer 1-1/2"twist-on/off needles, each with its own tip scabbard for leak-proof storage. It is custom-designed to create the ultimate lubricant, with inherent performance characteristics vastly superior to any petro-oil, and it never evaporates! Try Liquid Bearings and you won't be disappointed, GUARANTEED! In your older items, it is fully compatible with all vintage and existing oils, and will flush away the residue from the evaporated petro-oil. In contrast, Liquid Bearings is created making use of a approach that re-arranges the structure so all of the molecules are uniform in size, shape, and weight, an ideal phenomenon which does not happen in nature. The bottle is top-quality soft LDPE, also due to the fact the pharmaceutical-grade stainless needle allows the application drop-by-drop, very precise.

Features List

  • No petroleum-based odor, never gets sticky or gummy
  • Will not attract or retain dust and dirt in your clock!
  • Plastic-safe for all materials and painted surfaces!
  • Comes with ½ ", 1-1/2", and 3" twist-on/off needles, each with scabbard!
  • 100%-synthetic lubricant, superior for all clock types

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