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Bulova B1909 Abbeville Clock, Walnut Finish

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B1909 Abbeville Clock

Bulova (Clocks)

Model: B1909
UPS: 042429962880
Color: brown
Package Quantity: 1

When shopping for a clock it's vital that you take into consideration little ones. They may need to have an unique style of antique style mantle clock to give you long-lasting quality. The next household furnishing option is the B1909 Abbeville Clock, in brown , a great clock from Bulova (clocks). The bar code for this item is 0042429962880. The color of the antique style mantle clock is brown. I really liked that the item had dual-chime movement plays westminster or whittington chimes on the quarter hour. Other highlights include decorative carved wood accents and antique wiped walnut finish. The clock dimensions are 4" Height x 13.25" Length x 9.5" Width and weighs just about 1 lbs. Awesome deal on B1909 Abbeville Clock .

Abbeville Solid Wood Case, Antique Wiped Walnut Finish. Counts The Hour. Decorative Carved Wood Accents. 25 W: 9. Dual-Chime Movement Plays Westminster Or Whittington Chimes On The Quarter Hour. H: 13. Protective Glass Lens. 5 D: 4. Adjustable Volume Control. Night Shut-Off.


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