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1940 Telechron Model 4H87 Electric Mantle Clock - Restored

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1940 Model 4H87 Electric Mantle Clock
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Telechron Inc.

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Searching to buy a new clock for your home? The 1940 Model 4H87 Electric Mantle Clock , a great clock by Telechron Inc. is a brilliant solution. First, understand what your particular design and style is. Know which shades that you enjoy, the finishes plus the shapes, and this will probably certainly make it easier to choose the antique style mantle clock which matches your personal style. In my opinion you will like that the item has got this feature, 6' of power cord stored in the case. take what you need, leave the rest!. Other features include things like solid walnut case with brass accents. 736032651049 is the UPC barcode (Universal Product Code) for this product. It's 6.5" Height x 10.5" Length x 3.1" Width. Check out the many selections which are available for buying a clock. You will find resources where you can get an antique style mantle clock, and with comparisons you can get the right pieces as well as the right prices. While it is good to search in local retail outlets for your furniture, never forget internet shopping typically offer much more choices and better pricing. You will discover numerous outstanding online home furniture suppliers that make it easy to find the antique style mantle clock you wish. Buying a 1940 Model 4H87 Electric Mantle Clock .

Own a Real Piece of American Background! Look at the pictures carefully. 1940 Telechron Model 4H87"Kirkwood"Mantle Clock. 1"deep. 5"high and 3. (Note: Power cord is stored inside the case.) As a rule, clocks of this sort had a 'Fill' put over the surface inside the wood prior to finishing. Most importantly, it insured that each among the 28,000 clocks produced looked exactly alike (like a Mc Donalds Hamburger ). Not a drop of stain was applied to this wood. 95, it was very moderately priced in comparison to the other GE and Telechron clocks of the period. Like stated earlier, the Kirwood featured solid walnut construction, painted metal dial, brass hands, brass bezel and a convex glass crystal. Production was never resumed. The Kirkwood was a stylish clock made up of solid pieces of walnut. At $6. Sales were brisk, and over 28,000 Kirkwoods were reported sold. The motion on this clock was taken down to the individual pieces. Pull out what you need, leave the rest! What you see will likely be the all-natural walnut.! The reality that it was all solid wood, no veneers and bigger than most made it a great value for the money. ). Every single piece was cleaned, oiled, reassembled, then tested for accuracy. It was carefully hand rubbed many times in penetrating oil to bring forth its natural beauty (blemishes and all! 5"wide by 6. At only 28,000 sold, the Kirkwood is just not a clock you'll find simply and is very collectable. However, the war caused sales to lag, and production ceased in 1942. This clock runs smoothly and keeps excellent time. This fill would hide all the blemishes, knots and construction joints. This clock comes using a 30-Day, 100% Parts and Labor Warranty. It measures 10. Unfortunately, the finish on this clock was so badly beaten, it had to turn out to be stripped down at the same time as a new finish applied. A new 6' power cord was also added. This clock began production in 1939.


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